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(PHP 5)

ReflectionProperty::isDefaultChecks if default value


public bool ReflectionProperty::isDefault ( void )

Checks whether the property is the default.


This function has no parameters.

Return Values

TRUE if the property was declared at compile-time, or FALSE if it was created at run-time.

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aronREPLACE-WITH-A-DOTduby at gmail dot com
1 year ago
For clarification, this isn't checking if the value is the default value, it's checking if the property is. The description wasn't as clear as the notes in return. For example:

class A{
$foo = 'bar';

$a = new A();
$a->foo = 'nope';
$a->new_prop = 'Hello World';

// assume $a_ref_* are your reflection property classes
echo $a_ref_foo->isDefault(); // TRUE even though we changed the value, the property is a default property
echo $a_ref_new_prop->isDefault();// FALSE we added the new_prop property, it's not default

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