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This extension provides access to the reference implementation of CommonMark, a rationalized version of Markdown syntax with a specification.


The CommonMark extension provides a simple parsing API:

CommonMark\Node CommonMark\Parse ( string $content [, int $options ] )


The CommonMark extension provides simple rendering API that supports multiple formats:

string CommonMark\Render ( CommonMark\Node $node [, int $options [, int $width ]] )
string CommonMark\Render\HTML ( CommonMark\Node $node [, int $options ] )
string CommonMark\Render\XML ( CommonMark\Node $node [, int $options ] )
string CommonMark\Render\Man ( CommonMark\Node $node [, int $options [, int $width ]] )
string CommonMark\Render\Latex ( CommonMark\Node $node [, int $options [, int $width ]] )


The CommonMark extension implements visitation for CommonMark\Node objects:

public void CommonMark\Node::accept ( CommonMark\Interfaces\IVisitor $visitor )


The CommonMark extension provides an interface to CQL, CommonMark Query Language:

public CommonMark\CQL::__construct ( string $query )

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